Mars: The Next Frontier at Escape Room 51

Our Newest Escape Room Mission to Mars

Researchers at NASA and high-school science teachers all agree: MARS is the next frontier. And we all want a chance to step foot on the fourth planet from the sun. Now you can, at Escape Room 51. Grab your friends, don your finest spacesuit and come play “Mission to Mars,” our newest and most challenging interactive escape room game in Pittsburgh yet.

The Year is 2024. Humans Have Just Colonized Mars.

You and your friends got tired of the snowy winters in Pittsburgh and now live on Mars. Colonies have sprung up across the planet, complete with food resources, technology and power. But a freak sandstorm has just wreaked havoc on the colony you call home. All life support systems are completely shut down. Crisis is all around you.


Your Goal: Restore Life Support Systems on the Red Planet.

“Mission to Mars” begins the moment after the storm has hit. You have exactly 60 minutes to get all life support systems back up and running. You’ve lost air pressure. Electrical sparks are flying. You and your friends must act fast.

Solve your first puzzle in the BioLab, your colony’s source for food. The sandstorm knocked out all power in the BioLab, and you must get nutrients to plants for your colony to survive. What will it take? The scientific savvy to bring all electrical systems back online. Think fast, because the clock is ticking.

escape room pittsburgh mission to mars

Restore electricity and you’ll make it to the next puzzle – bringing your colony’s control center back to life. You’ll find original maps of your colony, a scientist’s computer containing life-saving codes and more. But you have no time to waste. Oxygen is depleting quickly.

Mars or Hollywood?

From start to finish our escape room Mission to Mars is a sensory experience that makes you think you’re on the set of a movie. Special effects are built into every aspect of the game, from the lighting to the scenery. There’s something for everyone – it’s science and mechanics meets complete and total imagination. It’s space exploration, right here in Pittsburgh. Like Buzz Aldrin said, “Mars is there, waiting to be reached.” Now you can reach it at Escape Room 51.

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At Escape Room 51, you can steal the crown jewels one day and set foot on Mars the next. So when you want to do it all, add us to your list of fun things to do in Pittsburgh! We’re located at 8 Clairton Boulevard in Pittsburgh’s South Hills. And get social with us @EscapeRoomFiftyOne.

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