You worked up an appetite solving the new Mission to Mars escape room in Pittsburgh and now you’re on the hunt for some nearby grub. Not familiar with the Pleasant Hills area or sure which local restaurants to explore? We’ve got you covered, no matter what kind of food (or drinks) you’re in the mood for.

1. Galis Gryo and Grill

Simple Ingredients steal the show at this locally-owned Mediterranean joint, ideal for a casual wind-down with friends or family. Your group might even forget that you spent 20 minutes reading the most important clue upside down.

2. Atrias

Perfect after a company event, Atrias is a local and trusted favorite, and great spot to enjoy a relaxing meal after a little friendly inter-office escape room competition.

3. Baltimore House

It’s probably safe to say that there’s not much shellfish on Mars, so if you’re craving a little crab leg after your mission, head over to the Baltimore House for some fresh seafood and sushi.

4. The Loose Moose Saloon

The Loose Moose Saloon is great for a more dressed-down night of laughing at Laura for thinking that random pencil in the escape room was a clue.

5. Ciccanti Ristorante

Treat yourself like royalty at this Italian spot after successfully completing the Royal Heist escape game. Order two entrees if you failed. 

6. Handels Ice Cream

[Got little ones with you? They’ll love stopping for ice cream on the way back home, and maybe even forgive you for wasting 15 minutes trying to turn the blacklight on.

7. Our Little Secret Cafe

One yelp reviewer said this spot has a “better breakfast than Eat n Park.” Yeah, it’s that good. Start the day with a hearty breakfast and no clue will stand a chance.

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