Team Building & Parties

Escape Room 51 encourages co-workers, families, and friends to work together to accomplish a common goal. Each escape game requires teamwork and communication to pull off a heist or ensure safe return home. Escape rooms are perfect team-building activities so learn more today about how Escape Room 51 in Pittsburgh can help.

Why Choose Us?

  • Challenging puzzles
  • Original themed games
  • Extraordinary mystery
  • Fun for the whole team
  • Chance to test your logic skills
  • An unforgettable experience
Night Out With Friends

Enjoy a fun night out with a group of friends! Experience entertainment and adventure unlike anything else!

Team Building

Looking for team-building activities in Pittsburgh? Book your next corporate event now! Every adventure encourages teamwork, clear communication, and goal orientation.

Birthday Parties

Escape Room 51 is equipped to provide an unforgettable birthday party! Along with our escape games we offer a private room for your guests to relax and enjoy! 

Make Your Next Event Interactive & Memorable!

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