Mobile Escapes

Let us bring the fun to you! We are able to bring the trending Escape Rooms in Pittsburgh to your next party and office! Guests are given 15 minutes to escape a themed tent through a series of puzzles and riddles.

Mobile Escape Room Info

  • Complete Escape Rooms on the Go
  • Escape in 15 Minutes or Less
  • Unique Experience
  • Bring the Fun to You
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I included a mobile escape room at my sons graduation party and they entire party was amazed! The party consisted of 200 guests. Both adults and children had a blast! This was such unique addition to his party it really put it over the top! I cannot wait to host another event with a mobile escape room!

Let us bring Mobile Escapes to you!

Perfect for your next party or corporate event, players have 15 minutes to solve the game through series of puzzles and riddles.

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